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Weekly UK Space News Roundup 30th July 2020

NASA Perseverance Rover Mission Launches Successfully!

OK, so this lead isn't a UK mission, but there has been a lot of UK involvement on the sensors and instruments that the rover named Rosalin Franklin is carrying. (See our full article here).

The United Launch Alliance Rocket successfully gained orbit as the first stage in the Mars Mission, due to arrive on the red plant, in February 2021.

LIFT ME OFF Vectoring Thruster Pushes Boundaries of Possible

The UK Government celebrated the work of LIFT ME OFF's Marcos Perez and team to produce a highly accurate, small and reliable 1 Newton thruster for use in orbit. This incredible design, once qualified through testing, could be proven to do the work of two similar use thrusters, reducing both weight and error. The UK Space Agency has funded the project so far, and positive news through qualification over the next few months would stand as a strong platform for LIFT ME OFF to enter 2021 breaking new technological ground as a competitive global player.

UK Space Agency Offer £350,000 to Businesses to Test Fly Ideas on the ISS

Half of the news seems to be filled with UK Government investment in the UK Space industry at the moment, and this week saw no rest from the UKSA. Between two and four business research proposals are expected to be given the green-light, researching in eligible areas (Government website for more information). Those applying can include research institutions such as Universities, and applications must be in by 10th August. The research should be concluded by the end of March 2021.

Government Publishes Huge Regulations Update: Space Industry Regulations 2020

The Department for Transport has published 14 documents, amounting to over 800 pages of regulations in draft for consultation to be incorporated into Law under the Space Industry Act 2018. This impacts everyone operating in the UK Space Industry and should be digested in detail by all of our businesses. Giant-Leap have produced a handy summary which will land on our main website: Giant-Leap.Space tomorrow! So don't miss out!

Among the regulations are details for licensing various activities from launching / recovering vehicles, operating a spaceport or providing range services. Each has stringent safety requirements and even oversight of company training courses and policies. The regulation documents clearly remind us of the government intention to wield 10% of global space economy by 2030, and the rigorous processes that have been drafted are intended to protect the UK and our businesses from errors or accidents which could have a catastrophic and lasting effect on the UK Space Industry's ability to grow.

Job of the Week: Lead Electronics Engineer

EVONA Recruiting are advertising a UK Role for Lead Electronics Engineer OBC. We don't know much about the role as we write, but if youre #OpenToWork at the moment, get in touch and we can put you in a virtual room with the team at EVONA.

Be sure to follow us on LinkedIn to catch all of the recruiting opportunities that we find particularly exciting here in the UK.

We are now launched on Facebook (Giant-Leap.Space) and Instagram (Giant_Leap.Space)!

Thanks for checking in, and until next time remember that every Giant Leap is set up by thousands of small steps.

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