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Weekly UK Space News Roundup 13th August 2020

Black Arrow and Horizon Spaceport announce launch of Celtic Space Council

Wales, Isle of Man and Ireland team up to form a privately-run CGC Celtic Space Council according to today's Black Arrow Space Technologies announcement. Little is published about the limited entry group, except that it will allow SMEs, academic institutions and space-related businesses in Wales, Isle of Man and Ireland to participate, and that they will seek to collaborate in business, as well as promote space-activities in the region.

Discussion continues around UK Space Regulations now in consultation

One week on from our Giant-Leap first look at Space Regulations 2020, RUSI's Alexandra Stickings added to the informed discussion around the UK Space Industry this week by challenging policy-makers and business to take UK Space out of what she called a "policy vacuum". Her full article is here.

Meanwhile, businesses such as B2 Space and Black Arrow Technologies are taking a deep dive into what these regulations will mean to their unique launch businesses, ahead of sending their answers to the UK Governments 88 posed questions.

Other key operators in space, such as "space sweepers" Astroscale, who have a mission control facility in the UK's Harwell campus, are also reviewing the documentation to understand how the new licensing system will affect their many operations in LEO, including their impressive venture with Japan's Space Agency JAXA on debris removal.

Satellite Applications Catapult Launch Sats4SD

Satellites for Sustainable Development has launched this year has been launched by Heather Garrick who is Sustainable Development Lead at the catapult, and seeks to help business to collaborate on promoting the use of satellite derived services and data to promote sustainable development across the globe. Definitely one to watch.

Skyrora Await Weather for Maiden Launch of Skylark Micro

Scottish firm Skyrora have travelled to Iceland in the hope of launching their two stage solid rocket, the Skylark Micro for the first time. Initially slated for 12th August, the weather has not been within limits, and the team scrubbed launches on both 12th and 13th August. The expectation is for this sounding rockets to soar to the edge of space at some point this week, once the upper winds come into limits.

Job of the Week: Senior Engineering Positions (numerous)

We've teamed up with EVONA recruitment who are currently advertising 3 Senior Engineering roles: DFC, MMIC & RF / PIC to be based in Hoxton, London. Only advertised this week, be among the first to apply by checking out the listing here:

Be sure to follow us on LinkedIn to catch all of the recruiting opportunities that we find particularly exciting here in the UK.

We are now launched on Facebook (Giant-Leap.Space) and Instagram (Giant_Leap.Space)!

Thanks for checking in, and until next time remember that every Giant Leap is set up by thousands of small steps.

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